Christian Singles Vacation

Travelling Alone on a Christian Singles Vacation

Going on a Christian Singles Vacation can be a daunting prospect and for many an unrealistic possibility.  The thought of going on a vacation by yourself may be a frightening thought and one that you may not consider doing.  Singleness can be one of the drawbacks when it comes to such things as going on a Christian singles vacation.

You are either a brave soul who would not think anything of getting on a plane and arriving in a strange distant land and navigating your way through the country, or you are like me daunted by the fact, even so there is this desire to travel but have no companion.  I now realize it is something I have to do, I need to travel on my own. This may be because I find that travelling in groups is too hard and I end up on my own anyway or this is something the Lord wants me to undertake on my own.

Being single and going on a Christian Singles vacation can be difficult if you really can’t find someone, like-minded who you get along with and want to spend time with. 

Our natural tendency is to want companionship, go with a friend or group of friends.  Someone to sit and dine with, go exploring, lay on the beach and generally have fun. 

A Christian singles vacation could be your answer, they are organized and everyone is single so you’ll be making friends whether it be in the hope of finding a spouse or just to be around like minded people. 

I have plenty of friends in church who I could go away with but they either have families, in a relationship, or have work commitments (we have a lot of teachers in our church).

Over the years I have had the desire to travel but never had the nerve to do so especially alone.  As a single woman you don’t have the natural choice of a husband or family to travel with so need to look elsewhere.

So what are the excuses for not going on a vacation, seeing God’s green earth, meeting new friends and having new adventures?

I’m Scared Firstly God did not give us a spirit of fear , with careful planning, research, getting to know the area you are travelling to, asking people who know the country or have visited.  Common sense and the Holy Spirit will conquer those fears so you can live the dreams you have.

I’ll Be Lonely We are never alone as God is with us and He will never leave or forsake us, but that’s still not the same as being with another person right?  If you are a social creature who needs to spend time in the company of others and you are outgoing and friendly, then travelling alone would be an easy task.  You would find new friend along the way and have great experiences.

On the other hand if you are shy and perhaps introverted this may be more of a challenge, but what if you had a safety net that would ensure you had the right type of company, you were safe and had the added security of being with like-minded people….Watch this space.

If you enjoy your own company then travelling alone would be perfect for you and you may think nothing of it.

Either way I am going to show you that you can enjoy vacations, group getaways and mission’s trips, things you can do as a single traveler or if you want to go it alone, and share with you what God has shown me about travelling.

Being Brave Even in your apprehension people may be shocked and want to discourage you to go on your own.  Family and friends rarely see the vision or the desire God has given you.  Be brave and be strong in God and go do what the Lord has shown you.

Couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Then maybe it’s not for you, go in a group or with another person, but make sure it is something God has places on your heart then just do it. Don’t wait, pray, plan and move.  You won’t regret it.

What if something happened?   As long as you take as much precaution as possible without being paranoid or excessive.  Have trusted people be praying for you continuously whilst you’re gone and let God give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.  In this guide I will give you the necessary steps to remain safe.  Sure stuff happens but God is always in control.

You can sit and procrastinate or you can just do it.  I do so believe God will use our singleness to do so much more.  Sure you’re serving on 90% of the church teams but we can do so much more than stay in our comfort zones, in the security of our everyday lives.  Are you waiting on God? Well maybe He’s waiting on you.  Don’t just sit there and wait.  Do something!

You have a fear of never living out your dream because………….  Fill in the blanks.  You know yourself better than anyone. Other than God.  What are your dreams and why aren’t you living them?  God’s timing is perfect but make sure you don’t miss it, sometimes God can give us a dream and it doesn’t play out for many years.  Remember Joseph took 20 years before his dream became reality.

I can’t find anyone to go with.  That’s a common problem.  You either don’t fit well enough together or don’t share the same interests other than Christ, can’t match up with the same dates or other commitments or you just haven’t asked.

Eating Solo.  Some people just can’t bring themselves to eat alone.  Going to a restaurant by themselves is not an option.  Why not think of it as going to McDonalds by yourself, everyone’s done it just to get that quick bit to eat.  It’s not much different in a restaurant, bring a book to occupy yourself while you wait.  Ask someone of the same sex if they mind you sitting with them as you feel awkward, that’s always a conversation piece.

So what if there was a solution? Check out my next post Christian Singles Vacation Spare Room