Singles Ministry

Singles Ministry

If you’ve been in your church for any number of years and not seen any sign of a Singles Ministry this maybe for you.

Singles in churches have long been overlook and neglected for many years as pastoral staff either have no interest in starting a ministry for single adults or lack understanding on how to serve the single members in their congregation.   Leaders can either look at it as a dating hook up institute or see it has too much hard work and are not willing to put the time or resources in to beginning one.

Adam Where Are You?

You may find that the larger churches’ have active singles ministries but more often smaller churches have none, especially if the majority of the singles are made up of single women.  The younger the church the more likely you will find a more equal proportion of men to women with still a slightly higher number of women.  But the older the church members the higher the number of single women with a noticeably smaller number of single men.  Generally women far outnumber the men in churches regardless of its cultural or geographical location.   

Find out the demographics in your church and decide who you are going to cater for.  Under 30’s have different needs and interests than the 30, 40 and 50 something’s.

What should be the goal of a Singles Ministry?

Well that should depend on you, the singles, and what you want.

  • You may want solely biblical teaching focused on singleness, equipping you to live a single lives and becoming husbands and wives.  I do believe this should be focused on singleness otherwise it becomes a normal bible study which could be done with the rest of the church.
  • Fellowship for singles in a safe environment becoming friends eventually leading to courting and marriage.
  • Social events and outings.
  • Outreach Ministries serving the local community such as evangelism.
  •  It could also be a mixture of these depending on the needs of your target audience.

I have come across those that see single ministries as a meat market for hooking up.  I really don’t see anything wrong with wanting to meet a spouse at church, where else are Christian singles to meet?  The advantages are you may already know and be acquainted with a potential spouse and it is more of a safe environment where individuals can be vouched for by the leaders.

Not everyone will hook up, some just want fellowship and a safe Christian social setting to hang out with fellow Christians.  Many have the impression that it is unspiritual to look for a mate in church or the church will become a singles social club.  What better way for a healthy church to encourage its members to become acquainted with one another.

Singles Starting a Singles Ministry

If your church does not have a singles ministry and you see a real need for it then start your own.  Firstly Pray!  This is imperative to find out the will of God and what the Lord wants you to do. If you have it on your heart right now that’s a good indication.

Next form a core group with other singles who are passionate about singles and would want to commit to starting a singles ministry. This should ideally be mixed with both male and female members.  Men would not be attracted to attending a ministry that is predominately women or a female leader.  If you can get a man to lead that is even better.

Discuss and pray together as this will give you focus and to be led by God. 

Decide what your first event will be, whether it be teaching or an ice breaker event such as a movie night, BBQ or bowling.

Tell your leadership what you are planning, plan how you will present it to them and what your vision will be and that you have done your research. 

They may or may not support you in the beginning but if you are doing the will of God they will come around.  Also you may need their support in some areas like using the church hall or for them to endorse what you are doing. 

Once you have planned your event start to advertise it through your church communications system i.e. Church announcements, web page etc. 

Decide how you are going to fund your event, will you charge a nominal amount for food and drinks etc.  Organize fund raisers to fund future events.  Be creative,

When we first came to the leaders in our church about starting a ministry they were cautious at first but supportive. They wanted to see how our first few events turned out.  Now they are supportive advising on materials to use, have regular meetings with us to discuss any issues along with overseeing the ministry and have also taught at our events along with their wives giving their testimonies.  The Lord has done wonders.


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