Christians Addicted to Pornography

Pornography is so readily available now with the internet on every hand held device on our smart phones everyone has private discrete opportunities to search and access anything our deceitful hearts desires. 

As a single it is easy to fall into a lustful trap of looking at pornography without having to purchase a top shelf magazine. 

If you have had experiences that opened you up to this and it took over your life into adulthood, you then become a Christian but you still struggle with the addiction.

Statistics show that as many married Christians view pornography as singles Christians and it is as prevalent among women as it is with men.

 This is a useful survey conducted by Proven Men’s Ministries

Now you are only struggling with pornography if you are trying to stop watching it but if you see nothing wrong with viewing it then it is not a struggle for you.  But if you are true to your faith born again Christian then it should be a struggle and one that you are striving to kick.

Overcoming porn will not be an easy feat, just as combating a drink or drug problem you will need support and commitment.  It has to be a full commitment on your part that you want to do this, once you make that decision you’re half way there.

Why should you stop watching porn even as a single Christian?  Because it’s destructive and doesn’t glorify God, it is also a sin as you are lusting after men and women at the same time and it’s destructive in your relationship with God, it is destructive in any future relationship with your spouse.


Pray and receive prayer.  This is first on your list, you will need to confess your sin to God and ask for forgiveness.  Without the Lord’s help you’re fighting a losing battle.  Pray and continue to pay and also confined in a trusted friend and have them pray for you.  Have a prayer partner where you could pray for each other on a weekly basis.  Don’t focus on your failure, ask for forgiveness and look to Him for help.

Move PC to Public place.  If you live with others move your PC to a public place i.e. the kitchen or living area.  With our gadgets getting smaller this may not be the only obstacle you have, laptops, tablets and smart phones also need to be taken into consideration.  If you have smaller gadgets leave your room door open.  Have child filters as if you were guarding your own children from it.

Accountability Software.  Sign up with an online accountability Software programme, there are many online which are run by Christian organisations.  There are also programmes to help people break free from sexual struggles.

Read the Bible Daily.  Reading and studying the bible will give you a desire for God and His Word.  Study scripture around lust and meditate on those scriptures when you feel tempted.

Spend time with God.  Important for anyone struggling with porn addiction, it is difficult to really have a close relationship with God and continue in the vain.  It is an issue of the heart and only God can fix your heart.

Feeling Tempted.  When you feel tempted to go on line and watch porn call someone, your accountability partner, your friend or your pastor instead.