Masturbation A Sin

Is Masturbation a sin?

There have been many a debate on whether masturbation is really a sin and as Christians can we be partaking in this sexual activity, as the actual word is not mentioned in the bible. 

I myself don’t masturbate so I had to think long and hard if I would be comfortable pleasing myself in a private way and if that activity would be glorifying God.  Would I be able to have fellowship with God before, during or after masturbation, would I in anyway feel ashamed or dirty if I had just undertaken a sexual act before God? 

I suppose I could rationalize it in my mind and tell myself God won’t hold it against me, he understands my needs and no-one’s found the actual word in the bible even though I haven’t really looked myself,  this might allow me to believe that I can satisfy my pleasures.

I also looked at it his way, the bible says we are the temple of God so would we self harm, smoke cannabis, inject our bodies with harmful substances, should we mistreat and abuse our bodies in such a way that would not please God and if we have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of us how would he feel?  1 Cor 6:19-20 would he remove himself from us for a time? 

So let’s look at what might be going on in our hearts and minds as we partake in this sexual act.  Jer 17:9-10   The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.  Who really knows how bad it is? But I, the Lord, search all hearts and examine secret motives.  I give all people their due rewards according to what their actions deserve.

Sexual fantasies, our imaginations, desires, lustful thoughts, imagining someone else touching us.  Remember we are all singles here so don’t have the luxury of having a spouse pleasure us in that way so indeed we need to put that side of our lives to bed until a husband or wife comes along.

Jesus condemns lust in the heart and calls it adultery Matt 5:28, the New Testament calls it sin, if your lust is causing you to masturbate then it is a sin. 

Freedom in Christ


Idolatry is when we put something first in the place of God making it an idol. The masturbator has taken his affections away from the Lord and is focused on a coverted object in this case the genitals, instead he is enslaved by his fleshly sexual desires, and impulses making his appetite his god.

Autoerotism means being sexually stimulated without an internal stimuli, obtaining sexual gratification solely through stimulation by oneself of one's own body.  Self-love or erotic love of oneself which also applies to masturbation, the person’s thoughts become centered on himself being selfish and self-absorbed wanting only to please himself at that precise moment.

As much as we can tell ourselves it’s only natural or it’s not a sin, it’s fine and it’s healthy I would ask myself how close or deep is my relationship with the Lord, do I commit all my actions to God or is this a no go area in my life the Lord is not permitted.

I truly believe if you prayed and sought the Lord in this it would not be something He would tell you is ok.  There are a lot of things that are natural, human nature but let’s not forget our human nature stems from sin and Paul says not all things are profitable and I would say masturbation is definitely not profitable, who is it satisfying? Only ourselves.  It could be said that self-gratifying masturbation is Narcissistic after the Greek mythological god Narcissiam, who fell in love with his own image.   2 Tim 3:2 warns that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves, pleasing ourselves instead of pleasing God.  What are you thinking about at the time you are pleasing yourself?

It is like trying to find loopholes in the bible as the word is not mentioned specifically.  If the issue is not found then it’s ok to create a loophole.  God did not overlook this act in his word, it’s plain to see if you’d only looked.

If you know you are struggling to overcome this issue but are constantly praying and bringing it before God you are in a better place than believing that the bible does not cover this so it is ok to continue.

Here are some very good resourse for overcoming masturbation and any other addictions you are struggling with.

These are valuable tool to biblically ending your addictions and takes you through a step by step course in overcoming your addictions.



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